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Spring Cleaning Tips To Save Time and Money

Spring Cleaning Tips To Save Time and Money

Spring cleaning is a daunting task. As the weather warms up and the sun shines on all of the nooks and crannies that have been collecting dust bunnies in the dark, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Before you think  you’ll never get all your spring cleaning done, take a moment to breathe and grab a pen and paper. It’s time to make a list!

Make Lists to Categorize and Prioritize

First, categorizing is the best way to tackle spring cleaning as a whole and  break it into smaller tasks that can be checked off daily and weekly. For each room in your house or apartment identify  specific items that need to be washed, dusted, polished, decluttered, and so forth, then find the similarities between the rooms so that you can lump together your tasks!

For example, each room may have blinds or curtains that need to be dismantled and washed. You might need to take an upholstery cleaner to various pieces of furniture. Or, multiple junk drawers are screaming out  to be organized. It’s much easier to categorize items by cleaning method and do all of those items at once.

Next, it’s time to prioritize. If you have guests coming, guest rooms and bathrooms take precedence. But iIf you don’t have time constraints, we recommend getting your master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen done first. When you’re able to see the impact of your spring cleaning as you go about your day, you’ll be motivated  to keep going and check more items off your list. 

No-Streak Glass Cleaning Tips

From windows to mirrors and doors, there is no doubt a lot of smudges that need attention.  And now that the sun is shining more often, it’s time for those of you with furry friends to make sure that all those nose marks are taken care of before you have guests over.

When you’re taking on the task of glass cleaning, you need to time it so that you’re working in the shadows. Overcast days are great because they allow you time to really work in the cleaner and wipe it away without leaving streaks. When you try to clean glass in direct sunlight, the glass cleaning product  dries too quickly and leaves very unpleasant streaks.

Another pro tip for cleaning glass is to use  old newspapers instead of cloth. Why? Because there is little to no lint left behind. Microfiber cloths are the next best thing if you can’t get your hands on old papers.

Natural Cleaners You Didn’t Know You Had

There are a few natural cleaning products  available in your house that you may or may not be aware of, and using those natural, organic cleansers will help protect your hands and nails as you’re busy scrubbing away. (Shameless plug: use Nail Magic’s nail strengthener to maintain  strong, natural nails before you begin the spring cleaning process. Brittle and weak nails will not hold up well to the soaking and the scrubbing action.)  After you’re done scouring sinks and tubs, follow up with a hand and cuticle oil to help soften the skin and add moisture back in. Even natural cleaning products can cause your hands and nails to be drier than usual.

Let’s start with dish soap. Dish soap is formulated to cut through grease and grime, making it the perfect tub and tile cleaner! Simply apply the soap to a strong bristle brush and start scrubbing. With minimal strength, it will cut through mold and mildew buildup and freshen the grout between shower tiles. There is no need to buy expensive bathroom cleaners that use harsh chemicals like bleach to shine up your tub.

Next, our favorite natural disinfectant, vinegar! Vinegar cleans practically anything - ust check out this article in Real Simple. Say goodbye to harsh drain cleaner chemicals by using vinegar to clean and freshen drains First, pour (how much?) baking soda down your drains, then add (how much?) vinegar. The combination will cause bubbling and fizzing so be prepared. That action is actually  cleaning the pipes! To finish, squeeze a little bit of lemon juice in a cup of hot water, pour it down the drain to add a fresh scent to your sink and shower!

Lastly, another amazing natural cleaning product is lemons! We love lemons, they smell good, make our food taste great and now they help us clean. The Spruce published an article on the many ways that lemon can be used for cleaning purposes. Our favorite hack is to use lemon to remove stains from the countertop! After a long winter season of cooking hearty stews and other comfort foods, you’ll notice a lot of sauce spots staining your counters. Soak those spots in lemon juice and then use baking soda to scrub the area clean of the stain!

Organizing Your Beauty Bag

Yes, it is time to take a look at all those products that have been thrown in your beauty bags and drawers to determine what needs to go where. Keep the products that are working for you and get rid of the ones that aren’t!

Look for expiration dates. They do exist on makeup and skin care products and should be followed just as they are on food items. If you have old mascara, foundation, sunscreen, check the dates on all of them. Expired sunscreen and lotion can actually have negative effects with continued use.

We are all guilty of hanging onto a makeup brush longer than we should, but this is your season to freshen things up. Retire the really old ones and revitalize the newer ones. They can be easily cleaned and restored back to good condition with a little spring love!

Have some Nail Magic products in your makeup bag? We sure hope so! The good news is our products are built to last! We wouldn’t be able to say Nail Magic is  the best nail strengthener if it wasn’t built to last, right? Nail Magic will retain its effectiveness  for about 2-3 years if left unopened. Once opened it is best if used within 12 months. It may begin to thicken simply due to contact with air. You can thin it by simply adding a few drops of an acetone remover to the bottle and shaking.

A Home That Looks Good, Feels Good & Smells Good

Adding fresh scents throughout your home  will not only complement your hard work but also make you feel better. an inexpensive oil diffuser to put in your bathroom and bedroom. Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla and orange are all great scents smells to fill your home with, and each offers  various benefits that enhance your state of mind and well being. Some help you relax while others are more rejuvenating. Find an assortment to balance each room.

Other ways to add both lovely scents and stylish flare? Add flowers and herbs to different rooms. For instance, plant a pot of basil in your kitchen. You’ll not only enjoy the convenience of having the fresh Italian herb handy as you prepare  your meals, but you’ll also delight in the aroma in your kitchen. Flowers such as lavender and lilies add a fresh, floral fragrance to your guest rooms. Add a Snake plant to your master bedroom - they’re known to help purify the air, perfect for the room you sleep in! 

Another way to create  a wonderful fragrance throughout your home as well as add a decorative touch is with cinnamon sticks! Find a few cute dishes at  a local thrift store and arrange a few cinnamon sticks in them. They will look cute and help your home smell great!

Final Touches That Make a Difference

The best part about spring cleaning is seeing your hard work afterward and showing it off! If you’re having overnight guests, surprise them with something special in the guestroom. Leave a diffuser and a few essential oils so they can  create a scent of their own. Leave out a few of your favorite beauty products such as cuticle oil, face mask, and lotion for your guests to try. These small touches are what makes a house a home.

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