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Did the formula change?

The lacquer base in which the formula is blended into did change due to ongoing regulatory changes.  The lacquer is now a toluene free base.  The active ingredients that make the product work have not changed.


What color should my Nail Magic be?

Nail Magic will have a pink color to it.  It can range from a pale to slightly darker pink depending on the batch it comes from.  Colorants are tricky and can often vary in nature.  We do our very best to keep each batch as close to the same color as possible.  The color has no effect on the performance of the product.


Does Nail Magic still contain Formaldehyde?

Nail Magic never really contained the true form of Formaldehyde, however, FDA regulations require us to list it as such on the ingredients.  There have been changes in the last year and the ingredient we have always used is now listed as Methylene Glycol, which is the Formalin solution we have used since day one.  The solution does use Formaldehyde in it.  So yes, it still contains the ingredient that used to be listed as Formaldehyde. 


Does Nail Magic Expire or how long does it last? 

Nail Magic will stay good for about 4-5 years if left unopened. Once opened it is best if used within 12 months. It may begin to thicken simply due to contact with air.  You can thin your Nail Magic by simply adding a  few drops of an acetone remover to the bottle and shaking.   Each bottle is stamped with a batch number located on the bottom of the bottle.  This is the date it was manufactured. 

What Kind of polish remover should I use? 

We recommend a very basic acetone based polish remover. This will work the best.  


What is the difference between the packaging that states Hardener & Conditioner and the ones that state Strengthener & Conditioner? 

Absolutely nothing except the wording.  Nail Magic is all of the descriptions and works as the strengthener, conditioner, and hardener.


Does Nail Magic ship internationally?

For all international orders, please order directly from Jica Beauty Products.