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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a very special time to celebrate the amazing women who have raised us. It’s also an incredible time to show all the other lucky mamas in your life some love. Don’t let any moms go unnoticed this Mother’s Day. Here are a few great gift ideas for your mom as well as any mom friends you’d like to show some love to.

Gift Ideas For Your Mother

For the woman who taught you how to do your hair, apply blush, take care of your skin and dress to impress, it’s time to go gift shopping. 

Mother’s Day is about celebrating your mom and making her feel special. Here are a few fun ideas to tell your mom thank you for all she’s done!

Spend Quality Time With Mom

Sometimes a mother just needs to be recognized and appreciated. That means communicating and listening to her stories and experiences. Take your mom out to brunch at her favorite place. Splurge on mimosas and danishes, and really listen to her tell you how her days are going and what sort of things she’s looking forward to. 

Then, end the day with a special gift to commemorate the  time spent with her. Treat her to a classy photobook, like these leather ones from Zno, and slip in a handful of her favorite photos. Be sure to document this wonderful day with a quick photo! This is a gift that you and the family can add to every year and cherish all the past memories. 

If you’re not able to physically be with your mom then carve a chunk of time out of the day to video call with her. Zoom is a super easy platform to use. Be sure to rid yourself of any distractions and give mom your full attention! 

Pamper Mom With a Girl’s Night Out

Whether you are able to actually go out or stay in, your mom will feel like a new woman during  a night with the girls! If you decide to stay in you can watch rom coms (if mom prefers scary movies then suck it up and watch one with her (just this one time!) and make her favorite dessert or snack. Ahead of time, get your at-home spa setup ready! Grab supplies for manicures, makeovers and hair styling.

Who doesn’t love experimenting with new hairdos and polishing nails with exotic colors? Treat her to a brand new nail polish hue she might just love and also her top coat of choice. Nail Magic Matte Finish Top Coat is a perfectly sophisticated look for anyone and over any color. Or, if your mom is feeling on the wild side, get her the High Gloss Top Coat for a lusciously shiny look. 

Don’t forget to take photos! Not only will your mom want to look back at them, but you’ll also appreciate being able to reminisce as well. 

Spa Kit for Mom

Ladies, our beauty needs don’t always come first. Sometimes we make sacrifices to support the ones we love. That’s why giving mom a spa kit, beauty care package is perfect! 

From face masks and hydrating lotions to that lipstick she loves to try but never buys, Mother’s Day is a great time to spoil her. Check out this list of hydrating lotions for your mama! 

Another absolute must-have to top off your beauty gift is the Botanical Nail Strengthener. This nail strengthening formula contains the herb Horsetail which is rich in the nutrient silica. Silica is a strengthening superhero when it comes to hair, nails and more! Give your mom happy, healthy nails with this easy-to-use nail strengthener. Simply apply one coat 2-3 times per week. After two weeks, remove the coats and repeat. This is the easy way to give your mom youthful, healthy nails! She’ll really appreciate that!

Top off this spa kit with a cozy robe. Find super cute designs on Etsy that you can personalize! All of this combined with a morning mimosa and mom will feel like she’s at the spa every morning! 

Garden Gifts for Mom

Isn’t it wonderful that Mother’s Day coincides with gardening season? What a great opportunity to give your mom some shiny new gardening tools and accessories. Start a tradition by giving her a new plant for her flower bed every Mother’s Day. Or, if you live in an area where the climate allows, start a small berry bush for her. Not only are they relatively easy to take care of, they’re also self-sustaining! Plus, every time she picks berries she will think of you!

With all of this gardening ahead, be sure to throw in a little something to help her keep her hands and nails beautiful. Both Botanical Nail Strengthener and the Hand and Cuticle Oil are ideal. 

Gift Ideas For Your Mom Friends

Our friends who are moms also appreciate a little extra love on Mother’s Day. Sure, they’re going to get a bunch from their families, but you, the bestie, have an opportunity to show her what an awesome mom you think she is. Here are a few ideas that show her how much you love her. 

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner

Work it out with your bestie’s partner to surprise her with a family-free, friends-only date! Once motherhood begins it’s hard to get away for quality time with friends without the family. It might  mean the world to her to be able to enjoy a simple brunch, lunch or dinner. If you’re looking to go above and beyond, show up with a few extra goodies. Great gifts that let her pamper herself include a massage gift certificate, a nail strengthener or cuticle oil to maintain healthy, natural nails and perhaps a bottle of her favorite wine to enjoy later.

A Clean House for Mom

There’s nothing that a busy mom loves more than coming home to a clean house! Send the mama out to breakfast, or serve her breakfast in bed. All the while you and a squad of friends clean her house! It’s a super thoughtful gesture that will be long remembered by any tired mama. Add a special touch. Leave behind an oil diffuser like this one from Amazon. Grab a few essential oils like Frankincense, Lavender, and Peppermint for a healthy, happy home!

Plan Ahead This Mother’s Day

Don’t let Mother’s Day come and go without taking a moment to show your mom and your mom-friends a little extra love. It’s a tough job raising children and it takes a lot of support. This Mother’s Day, support the mamas around you. Gifts of time, appreciation and love show them that you notice how very important they are.

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