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How to Stay Healthy While Stuck at Home

How to Stay Healthy While Stuck at Home

These are very interesting times. Most people in the world are being quarantined, practicing social distancing and taking every measure to help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In the midst of all this chaos, it’s easy to forget about your self-care routine. Yet, these are the times that we need it the most. No matter which situation you find yourself in, remember these quick tips for keeping yourself mind, body and soul healthy. 

Working from home?

If you’re among those who are able to work from home, excellent. It’s a very secure feeling. However, practicing healthy work environment behavior is just as important at home as it is in the workplace. Here are a few ways to maintain a  healthy routine while working from home. 

Create a workspace for yourself. You don’t want to wake up, flip open your laptop in bed and start working. Your bedroom should be off-limits to work! You might think it’s comfy in the morning, but at the end of the day, you’ll want your room to feel like a safe, clear space. It’s also terrible for your back! 
  1. Schedule work hours. You don’t want to find yourself working into the late hours of  the night. Set time boundaries as well as space boundaries. Try to give yourself an office space. Every couple of hours, get up, stretch and let your mind clear of work for a few moments. Here is a list of quick, healthy mental break activities you can use. 
  2. Add time into your day to get outside. Again, working from home can be difficult for your mind and body to get accustomed to. You might find that you’re sacrificing things like your daily walk and getting some vitamin D, because you have the luxury of working from home. However, it is just as important to leave your home and feel the sun on your face and wind in your hair, as it is to leave an office at the end of the day. When you take your lunch break, go outside. Take your dog for a walk, perform some yoga outside, or just sit and relax in the sunshine. 

Maintain an exercise routine.

You don’t need a home gym to maintain an effective exercise routine. You hardly need anything at all, except a little motivation. With just basic exercises that you probably did in school, you can feel good and stay strong. 

Lunges can be performed anywhere. You can add them into a walk through the park or you can do them in your backyard. Frankly, you could do them in your home if you wanted. Try these also:
  1. Weightless squats are excellent for your body. In fact, without the weights, you’re doing your knees a favor. 
  2. Planks are a great core workout. Even doing planks for just 30 seconds, a few times per day will help strengthen your back and core. 
  3. An oldie but goodie? Pushups! They may not be fun, we would never try to tell you that they are, but they work. Strengthen your upper body with just a few pushups a day. Do them until you can’t and then try it again the next day. 

Here are a few more exercise ideas that you can perform at home, without equipment!

Stuck at home with not much to do? 

During these difficult times you might find yourself cooped up at home without much to do. There are two ways of looking at times like these. You can sulk. Or, you can take the opportunity to show yourself and the people around you a little extra love. Here are a few self-care steps to practice while you’re at home. 

  1. Morning yoga! Isn’t it the best? Wake up, make your tea or coffee and let your body stretch for 20-30 minutes. By adding a small yoga session into your morning routine, you’re creating a consistent, healthy environment for your mind and body each day. Even after you’re back to normal day-to-day life, stick with this routine and you’ll truly begin your day right. Your digestive system will thank you because  the flow of oxygen and blood improve it. And it helps balance your breath!
  2. Everyone has been washing their hands, right? Of course, you have, probably in excess. Although it’s great to be cautious, you also need to make sure you’re not falling behind on your moisturizing routine! Washing your hands in excess can cause serious skin damage if you’re not moisturizing properly. Dry hands can lead to eczema or cracked skin. While you’re stuck at home, give your skin the attention it has been needing. Nail Magic’s Hand and Cuticle Oil can be applied anytime, anywhere. It is so easy to apply and instantly adds nourishing moisture to your hands, nails and cuticles. By adding this hand and cuticle oil into your routine now, it’ll become second nature when normal life returns again.
  3. Give yourself a beauty day. You might find yourself neglecting your appearance a little as the quarantine days increase. Have a go at that hairdo you’ve been keen to try. Experiment with that new eye shadow you’ve been hiding away. Instead of painting your nails, (since handwashing is at an all-time high), strengthen them. Apply Nail Magic’s Botanical Nail Strengthener. This nail strengthening formula contains the herb Horsetail and the nutrient silica. Users tell us it’s the best nail strengthener around. Your nails will feel healthy, happy and strong after just a few uses! 

We will get through these times together. 

If you find yourself working from home or just spending more time at home than usual, develop a new  mind and body routine. Boundaries are important if you’re working from home, exercise is key as is showing yourself a little extra love. It’s important to stick to a schedule as closely  as possible, get outside, exercise and always remember to take care of yourself. With healthy minds, bodies and souls, we’ll get through these tough times together. 

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