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Travel-Friendly Beauty Hacks

Travel-Friendly Beauty Hacks

Traveling is such a fun way to break away from your daily routine, even if just for a few days. With spring approaching fast, no matter where you’re going you’ll need to remember a few beauty hacks for happy, healthy travels!

Travel Checklist 

This is such an important first step to any vacation! A checklist will keep you organized and help you pack more efficiently. From your outfits and shoes to your beauty accessories, break down your lists into the must-haves for your trip! Then, organize the items you need to have on your carry-on into travel-friendly bags. This will help keep you from accidentally packing your toothbrush and deodorant in your inaccessible luggage. 

The Perfect Beauty Bag

When it comes to finding a travel-friendly beauty bag to keep in your carry-on you should look for something that is transparent. It’s infuriating when you’re trying to keep track of your luggage, your purse and your coffee while digging deep down into your carry-on to find a small bottle of cuticle oil or lotion that you need. You will be searching forever. 

Whether you want to use a 1-gallon plastic zip-lock bag you have lying around or you want to spring for something a little more chic, here is a list of the Best Clear Cosmetic Bags for Traveling from Popsugar.

Moisturizing Must-Haves

Hand & Cuticle Oil - Hand & Cuticle Oil from Nail Magic is the ultimate travel-friendly product. You’re able to moisturize a lot with very little product. This bottle is only 0.5oz so not only is it super convenient, it’s also airport security-friendly. Cuticle oil is so easy to apply that you can do it while you’re waiting for your flight to begin boarding. Simply add a drop onto your cuticles and massage in, then 3-4 drops on the back of your hand and massage into your skin. You’ll feel moisturized instantly and you’re helping grow strong, healthy cuticles.

Facial Moisturizer - Flying can be brutal on your skin. The airplanes are dry, the airports are stuffy, and if you’re stressed you’re probably touching your face a little more than usual. All of these factors can lead to an unbalanced amount of moisture in your skin. Traveling is not the time to swap your facial moisturizer for a thicker, multi-use hand cream. Keep a travel-size bottle of your face moisturizer in your carry-on. 

Keep Your Face & Hair Fresh & Clean

Dry Shampoo - Whether you’re traveling within the states or heading abroad, there are always unexpected delays or long layovers and you may need to adjust quickly, especially with a hair care routine. A travel-size dry shampoo is a must when you’re traveling! Dry shampoo will help absorb excess grease and dirt without wetting your hair. Perfect for the itinerary that has you hailing a cab straight from the airport to the big meeting. 

Makeup Wipes - If you’re traveling overnight, there’s no excuse for leaving your makeup on! It’s still very important to use makeup wipes to cleanse your face and wipe all that stuff away. Once you get to your location the next morning you can find the nearest restroom and get your face ready for the new day. 

Travel Size Makeup Containers - Most makeup and skincare boutiques offer sample sizes of makeup and other products. Sometimes, though, samples come in little glass or plastic jars which are perfect for holding a small amount of makeup while traveling. If you don’t have anything of the sort lying around, buy a contact lens case from your local drugstore. They’re the perfect size dishes to hold a little bit of makeup and maybe your favorite eye cream. 

Silk Pillowcase - Speaking of cleansing your face before bed, use a silk pillowcase to rest your head and face on during the travels. They’re hypoallergenic, help retain moisture, help protect your hairdo and will keep you cool. In short, it’s the perfect pillowcase to control the uncontrollable while you’re traveling. This travel size pillow is just under $15 on Amazon. 

Stay Healthy While Flying 

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes - This hack may not directly apply to a beauty routine, however, it’s incredibly important to bring hand sanitizer and wipes when you’re traveling for two reasons. One, while you’re hanging around the airport waiting to board your plane, you’ll find yourself touching a lot of dirty surfaces. Be sure to sanitize your hands before you touch your face or bring any food or drink to your mouth! Secondly, the sanitizer wipes are important once you’re on the plane! From the seatbelt to the table trays and even the armrest, it all needs a good wipe down. As mentioned earlier, you may find yourself touching your face more often than usual from the stress of traveling. It’s just a habit. Which makes it all the more important to sanitize as often as possible so you don’t end up with a cold as you begin your vacation. 

Stay Hydrated - Did you know that you can bring an empty water bottle through security? Ditch the $12 plastic water bottle that holds 12oz of water and bring your reusable bottle from home. Empty it before you walk through security and you’ll be able to refill it once you’re in the concourse area. Even better, you won’t have to wait for the flight attendant to walk around and take your order, you can hydrate as soon as you sit down. This is important for keeping your skin looking great from sun up until sundown and keeping you feeling healthy. Plus, if you keep yourself hydrated, you’re also less likely to feel bloated after a long day of traveling.

According to Turkish Airlines cabin pressure falls while flying and bodily gases start to expand. As a result, you may feel pressure in your stomach or digestive system. Gas and bloating are common. If you often have problems with your stomach or digestion, eat light, probiotic foods before flying. Keep hydrated and eat well while you’re flying to stay healthy. 

Freshen Up Before You Land

Flying is exhausting and it can take a toll on your body. Let’s face it, planes and the airports are pretty dry, they are not always the cleanest, and they are difficult places in which to get any rest. When you land and take your first step towards a new day, a big meeting or your fabulous vacation, you don’t want to feel run down, grimey and dry. That is precisely why it’s so important to plan ahead and find ways to stay fresh before you land! Don’t forget your hand and cuticle oil, dry shampoo, and the silk pillowcase and you’ll do just fine. Happy travels!

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