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The 2020 Nail, Skin, and Hair Self-Care Gift Guide

The 2020 Nail, Skin, and Hair Self-Care Gift Guide

How do you give the gift of self-care? When it comes time to buy beauty products for ourselves or to take an hour to relax and reset, many of us have a hard time doing so. With 2020 being the challenging year that it has been, it’s more important than ever to give gifts to your friends and family that make self-care at home easy fun, and enjoyable. And for you, affordable! Our holiday gift guide features ideas to assemble the perfect gift sets to help our loved ones relax. From nail, skin, and hair products to handy tools and treats these items make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, and more!

Nail Care Gift Set

Between the cold weather and the constant hand washing, our nails need some extra love this season. This gift set is the perfect nudge to remind friends and family to add nail care to their  regular routine.

  • Vanilla Almond Cuticle Oil - This is a moisturizing blend of natural oils that helps repair dry and damaged cuticles. It also helps to replace and renew moisture in the nail. This cuticle oil is easy to apply before bed and works to repair cuticles while you sleep.
  • Glass Nail File - Safer on your nails and easier to handle, glass nail files are going to change the way you feel about filing your nails. This article from Marie Claire explains why glass files are better for nails. 
  • Strong Botanical Nail Strengthener - Build strength and durability with the use of this nail strengthener. This strengthening formula contains the herb Horsetail which is rich in the nutrient silica. Once applied, Strong Botanical Nail Strengthener instantly supports hardy, healthy nails. Toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP free for a feel-good experience that really works.
  • Honest Hand Sanitizer - Constant hand washing and sanitizing can be extremely drying on your hands. The hand sanitizer from Honest is plant-based and effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, it’s a quick-drying spray formula made with a combination of naturally-derived glycerin and aloe to help leave skin feeling soft and moisturized, without a sticky residue.

Skin Care Gift Set

Skin can be so sensitive, not just to products but also to environmental factors like stress! Let’s face it: this has been a very stressful year for many people in our lives, so it’s highly likely their skin could use some extra attention this holiday season.

  • Thai Essence Hand & Cuticle Oil - This two-in-one oil is both effective and efficient for those folks in your life who appreciate beauty products that multitask. This hand and cuticle oil is a moisturizing blend of organic and all-natural ingredients, infused with essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass. This unique fusion of oils works to repair dry and damaged cuticles and/or hands. It assists in replacing moisture to the skin and natural nail and helps improve the health and appearance of cuticles and nails.
  • Moisturizer - Keeping your face and body moisturized helps prevent wrinkles, blemishes and more. Make this gift one better and find a warming body lotion for the ultimate relax-mode.
  • Sunscreen - This is a great addition to a skin care gift set, especially for someone who is active in the outdoors during winter. Many people forget to protect their skin in the winter but the sun is just as damaging during this time of year. Sunscreen is a must.
  • Exfoliater/Scrubber - There are tons benefits to exfoliating skin. It helps unclog pores, boost circulation, even skin tone, and more. Different skin types have varying sensitivities to exfoliation so a mild exfoliator is best if you’re unsure. This guide from Self includes the 16 best face exfoliators. If you’re in doubt about which type to buy, opt for a mild exfoliator made with all-natural ingredients.

Hair Care Gift Set

Tangled mess? Hair maintenance can be an expensive pain, but it doesn’t have to be. These hair care products prolong beautiful healthy hair and mean one less thing to worry about in already busy lives. 

  • Leave-in Conditioner - Help fight off winter dryness and static with a lightweight leave-in conditioner. This is an inexpensive and super helpful addition to any gift set!
  • Hair Mask - A fun way to spend Saturday night! A hair mask helps to condition hair from roots to ends. 
  • No-Breakage Hair Ties - These ties from Amazon are a great way to top off your hair care gift set. Not only are they stylish, they also help prevent headaches, hair bumps, and break lines. 
  • Bamboo Brush or Comb - This brush found on Amazon helps prevent damage and conditions hair during use by evenly distributing natural oils. Plus, it comes with a detangling comb. People don’t often put much thought into their brushes and combs, which is why this is the perfect accessory for your hair care gift set.

Relax and Pamper Gift Set

These gift ideas are great for those in your life who have a very hard time relaxing on their own. Whether it’s difficult for them to set aside the time or they wouldn’t typically purchase products to assist in a night of relaxation, these gifts will do the trick. 

  • New Color - Pampering yourself with a new nail color feels as fresh as getting a new hairdo. Head to your closest beauty store like Sally Beauty and pick out a great seasonal color or something that can be worn all year around. Add a gloss or matte finish to make this gift pop.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser - Various essential oils can create a relaxing and soothing environment. Perfect for that person in your life who has a hard time clearing her mind and taking mental-breaks throughout the day.
  • Bath Bombs - What kind of pamper gift set would it be without a few bath bombs thrown into the mix? Too many people forget to set aside time for a relaxing bath, but with a curious bath bomb surprise, it will be hard to pass up.

Shop Early & Relax Sooner

This holiday season, give the gifts your loved ones often need but tend not to buy themselves. Give them a reason to relax with these at-home pampering gift sets. From nails, skin and hair, there is something for everyone on your list this year. Get your shopping done early so you can enjoy relaxing with loved ones and enjoying the season!


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