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Brittle Nails? Cuticle Oil to the Rescue

Brittle Nails? Cuticle Oil to the Rescue

Did you know that cuticle oils are the best way to increase the flexibility of the nail?  If you have brittle nails or weak nails, cuticle oils can begin to restore them back to health. 

Doug Schoon, a internationally known chemist and educator with more than 30 years of experience in the beauty care industry, wrote in his book Face to Face with Doug Schoon  Vol. 1, “Nail oils don’t add moisture to reduce dryness, that’s not how they work.  Instead, they reverse the brittleness of the nail coating by absorbing into the plate to increase flexibility. They allow the nail’s layers to slide past each other more easily.” 

Often we think nails break because they are not strong enough but that is not always the case. Start with a simple solution of daily cuticle oil to determine if that resolves the brittle nail problem.  If it does, then the issue isn't so much one of nail strength but rather flexibility.

Begin with this popular Cuticle Oil by Nail Magic.  A quick and easy remedy and it might be the solution to the question “How do I fix my brittle nails?”. Massage into the nail, cuticle, and the skin around the nail daily. 

Our hands are exposed to many harsh elements and are subject to the rigors of day to day living.  We recommend that you try to wear gloves whenever you are working for any length of time in a lot of water and avoid the use of too many detergents and other cleansing products.  

To learn more about proper application of Cuticle Oil by Nail Magic, click here and scroll down on the product page to see a “how to” video.

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