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Home Projects For Summer

Home Projects For Summer

Summer is a great time to start new projects that add both extrinsic and intrinsic value to your home. The warm weather makes it much easier to get work done both indoors and out. Paint and stain dries faster, you can leave furniture outside if need be, inspiration and creativity abound, and so much more! Here are a few indoor and outdoor summer projects you may want to start this year!  

Indoor Summer Projects

Refinish Tables, Dressers & More 

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up the look of your furniture without replacing it entirely, consider DIY refinishing projects. There are many new ways to bring your accent furniture to life, right from home. Dressers and side tables are a great place to start.

  • Apply a new stain. This is good  for wood furniture and very simple to do. Sand the piece first, then apply your stain in the color of your choice. Once the stain is applied, wipe away any excess before it has time to dry. Then, once it’s dry, decide if you’d like to add another coat of color to go a bit darker. Lastly, apply a finish layer to protect from damage or stains. Here are a few woodworking tips on how to choose the stains and finish.
  • Repaint with a new color altogether. If you don’t prefer wood stain, sand down the current piece of  furniture and repaint with something entirely new. Pops of color are very popular, especially in more neutral toned rooms. 
    • You could go one step further with this idea and add a vintage or “washed” look to the paint job. Here is a simple breakdown of how to add a distressed look to your furniture.

Interior Painting

Summer is the perfect time to paint the interior of your home. Plan accordingly, paying special attention to the weather forecast, so that you can put furniture outside if necessary. Plus, if it’s a nice day, you’ll be able to get out of the house while the paint dries. 

The best part about interior painting is developing  a new look or theme for your house. Page through several  home magazines to get a sense of what you like. From walls covered with warm or cool colors, to neutral hues with pops of accent, there are tons of creative possibilities. And that’s where the fun comes in!

Professional painters can be expensive. However, if you follow these painting tips you can do it yourself and no one will be the wiser. Quick note: If you’re doing it yourself, you may want to start strengthening your nails before you start. Moving furniture, completing the prep work, and picking tape off walls, can damage nails. Give yourself a week or two to strengthen your nails with Strong Botanical Nail Strengthener. This nail strengthening formula contains the herb Horsetail which is rich in silica. It will instantly support strong, healthy nails. 

Now let’s get to it!

  • Wipe down the surface that is going to be painted. Get all cobwebs cleaned up and let the area dry completely.
  • Always use painter’s tape! It’s the safest way to ensure clean lines and edges. The most common mistake people make when using painter’s tape is laying the paint too thick. The tape is not leak proof. Apply thin layers of paint and avoid painting over top of the tape as best as possible. 
  • Cover any remaining furniture in the room as well as carpeting if you’re worried about paint splatters and spills.
  • Always cut in the room. Cutting is a painting technique described in more detail here.  Paint all trim work first with a 2-3 inch brush. Once the trim has been painted you can use a roller to paint the rest. Experts say that it’s best to form a “W” pattern over and over again on the wall. Once you’ve covered a wall from left to right with “W” patterns, then go back to the beginning and paint vertical lines. This will help eliminate patchy spots. 
  • Be prepared to do a second coat, even if the paint is “single-coat guaranteed”. 

There’s no getting around it. Painting can be hard on your hands and nails, so be sure to take care of them each night. You’ll find yourself constantly washing your hands to remove paint  which can be very drying. At the end of the day add a drop of Nail Magic’s Thai Essence Hand & Cuticle Oil to each nail. Gently massage in this oil to help replenish moisture in your hands, nails and cuticles. 

Deep Cleaning

Though it’s not a glamorous indoor home project, summer is a great season to deep clean rooms and appliances throughout your house.

Check out our Spring Cleaning Tips to Save Time & Money. You’ll find tasks that are easy to accomplish, tips for no-streak glass cleaning, instructions on how to make natural cleaners, and more. 

Always remember to take care of your skin, cuticles, and nails while deep cleaning. From harsh chemicals to more-than-usual hand washing, there are many ways to damage your hands and nails while cleaning. A nail strengthener and a cuticle oil will make all the difference in your healthy, natural nails. 

Outdoor Summer Projects

Build an Outdoor Patio

During the warmer months of summer, an outdoor patio area will lift  your home to the next level of comfort. 

Beginning with the basics, you’ll need to decide on a platform. Whether you’re adding a brand new deck or expanding current decking, here are helpful tips to building a simple deck from “This Old House”. Remember that you may need to check local permit laws depending on the size of your project. 

You may also want to consider building a separate stone patio elsewhere in your yard. Here are ideas from the FamilyHandyMan about building your own stone or brick patio. You’ll find information about  the materials and tools necessary to get this project done on your own. You’ll also want to make a trip to your local landscape showroom and supplies store to view the different stones available for your patio, for example, bricks, pavers, flagstones, and concrete options. 

Decorate or Furnish Your Patio

Start by looking into shade options such as awnings or curtains so that even on hot days you and your guests can enjoy the outside area in comfort.

If you like to host dinners or cocktail parties, you’ll may want to consider  an outside kitchen or bar. You can keep it simple with a roll away cart that can be covered and stored outside. Equip the cart with glassware, dry ingredients, and a cooler tub to hold ice during the party. Depending on what type of food you like to cook, invest in a grill or install a brick oven. Here is a list of recipes that you can cook in a brick oven besides pizza!

Decorating the patio is the best part! Furnish your outdoor patio with comfy furniture that is easy to clean. Weather can be unpredictable even in the summer so  you’ll want pillows and blankets that are safe from the rain and easy to wash. 

Lighting is very important for both convenience and ambience. Consider in-ground solar lights to highlight any garden areas you have, or string lights wrapped around beams or trees. Check out this compilation of patio decor ideas from House Beautiful to inspire your look.

Add Fresh Mulch to the Garden

Summer is a great time to add fresh mulch to your garden beds. Throughout the year, the color of mulch fades and yard debris such as  leaves and grass cuttings find their way to the  top. Adding a layer of fresh mulch will make your garden pop like new! 

When working with mulch, be sure to wear gloves to avoid small splinters or staining your hands. You’ll want to spread the mulch thinly and evenly. For a final touch, use your gloved hands to gently spread it around. Take a few steps back to find any uneven areas and adjust . 

If you don’t have a pair of gloves handy or mulch still manages to find its way inside, be sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water and soap. Inspect them in good lighting to look for any small slivers you may have gotten and finally, be sure to moisturize with Nail Magic’s Hand & Cuticle Oil. Your hands will feel dry after a day in the garden, with or without gloves. Replenishing moisture is just as important as moisturizing the rest of your body. The oil is infused with Lemongrass and Lavender to assist in the repair of dry, damaged hands and cuticles. With just a few drops on each hand before bed, your hands, nails and cuticles will feel like new in the morning. 

If you haven’t already started your garden, be sure to check out our DIY Spring Garden Projects! The projects you find there can easily be started in the summer. 

Enjoy Your New Space

Take advantage of the wonderful, warm summer months to carry out home-enhancing indoor and outdoor projects. Whether you’re looking to add value to your  home and property or simply want more comfort, these DIY projects are a great way to start. As always, be sure to take care of yourself while working on home projects. Stay hydrated, moisturize often, ice sore muscles, and get plenty of rest. 

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