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Boost Winter Wellness Habits

Boost Winter Wellness Habits

The kids are back in school, clocks are about to change, the days get shorter, and the winter chill is settling in.  As the cold and dry seasons approach, leaves start to fall and plants wither.  Foliage isn’t the only thing affected by seasonal changes, we as humans are too.  It’s important this time of year to change habits, think about what we eat, and learn how we can take care of our bodies to prepare for the shift in weather.  

Fortunately, we can prevent damage and protect our bodies during seasonal changes. Our Nail Magic team put together essential self-care tips to get you through the winter season :

 —  Sleep is a big factor as your sleep rhythms change with the seasons and it’s also one of the most important thing you can do to stay healthy.  It’s recommended to sleep a minimum of seven hours or more for adults and HERE are guidelines for other age groups. Get your ZZZZ’s!  

 —  As the days get shorter in the winter, there’s less sunlight thereby depleting vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D is critical in regulating calcium levels in the body which is an essential contributor to a healthy immune system, muscles and nerves.  It also supports your nails, aids in weight management, and can boost your mood and energy levels. 

 —   Nails grow faster in warm weather and slower in cold weather because circulation is slower in the cold weather, causing dry skin, slow nail growth, brittle and thin nails.  It is highly recommended to use a nail strengthener and conditioner all year round to keep your nails stronger, hydrated, and healthy in every season.  At bedtime, hydrate and moisturize your cuticles by placing one drop of Cuticle Oil on each cuticle and gently massage into the cuticle area. 

 — Hydration, hydration, hydration!  Most people don't feel as thirsty when the temperature drops and many forget to drink enough water.  Water is the most natural choice for hydration and is less expensive and more available than any other drink. However, coconut water is another alternative for replenishing electrolytes or try products like NUUN or Liquid IV.  In general, it’s recommended you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.  

 Cheers to a healthy winter season!  

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