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Hardener & Conditioner Cut Out Box

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  • Say goodbye to fragile, brittle, and splitting nails; and say hello to gorgeous, strong nails!
  • Cruelty Free. No animals are ever harmed in the process of making our formulations!
  • 100% Nail Happiness Guaranteed!


Your nails are poised to benefit from a transformative blend of ingredients designed to repair and fortify fragile, thin, or damaged nails. Witness the remarkable improvement as your nails gain strength and vitality through the combined effects of conditioning, hardening, and strengthening. This versatile solution functions as a base coat, top coat, and clear coat all in a single product. Treat your nails to the care they deserve and start rejuvenating your nails today.


Size: 0.25 fl oz (7.4 mL)  


 How To Use: Shake bottle well. Clean nails with an acetone based polish remover. Apply 1-2 thin coats. Use twice a week repeating above steps each time for the first 8 weeks.  After 8 weeks continue use once a week.  


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I remember from a young age watching my grandmother ( who raised me) used to have these beautiful hands and nails and I would watch her file and polish her nails with an popular brand (at the time) of clear hardener, I would always say how I wanted my hands and nails to be as pretty as hers! Her brand never worked on my nails but one day I was looking on Amazon and I saw Nail Magic and something told me to get it and since that day five or six years ago I haven't turned back!!! Coming from someone who use to bite their nails so horribly growing up, I didn't think my nails would ever grow or get strong but they did and I was so proud of myself and my nails! I was working at a bank at the time so I got asked about them a lot and I would turn in to a sales representative for the company because I loved it so much!!! The next time I saw the customer they'd be telling me that they got their own bottle! I'd tell them to just be consistent and patient and they would be in love!!!! I LOVE NAIL MAGIC!!!!! Jess.

Star - 5.0

This polish makes every time I do my own nails look like a gel manicure honestly! Keeps them intact for such a long time! Dries so quickly too and SO SHINY no joke. Morgan.

Star - 5.0

I have tried every top coat on the market from the very expensive to discount. I must have literally over 100! I can finally clean out my beauty room! This is the topcoat you need!!!!!! The whole range of Nail Magic products is amazing and dare I say life changing. During Co-Vid when getting to a salon is difficult, this has SAVED my nails. My nails were peeling, breaking and damaged. In three weeks I had beautiful nails! I apply Wet every other day over my polish. NO CHIPS FOR OVER 2 WEEKS!!!! Plus their other products like Strong have revitalized my nails!!! Jennier.

Star - 5.0

Nail Magic is amazing! I've been a nail biter because every time I tried to grow my nails, they would literally shred and peel and had a yellow hue to them! They felt so fragile and paper thin that I would chew them off to get rid of the feeling. I have a multitude of health issues and it reflects in my nails. In no time at all, with Nail Magic and a little cuticle oil my nails look and feel healthy and manageable! They look so nice and clear, I don't even hide them with nail polish! Larissa.

Star - 5.0

You can have nails too! I have been using Nail Magic for 15 years. I do not wear ANY other polish. I change it up EVERY week. I did try DOZENS of other products. So disappointing. Once I found Nail Magic I was a COMMITTED Customer. I have told dozens of women about it, usually when they COMPLIMENT my nails! My nails are NO LONGER like tissue paper. I have nails now…can you hear me?! I HAVE BEAUTIFUL, STRONG NAILS!!! :0 Mary R.

Star - 5.0

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