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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you know what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Well, it’s right around the corner so the time to brainstorm is now! Dads seem to have it all. Most of the time when they want something,they just go out and buy it. Perhaps patience isn’t always their strong suit? It can be pretty difficult to find a unique gift, it’s true. But, when it comes to dads, there's always something new you can discover about them and these discoveries can lead to great gift ideas for Father's Day. 

Gift Ideas for the Sports Dad

Does the dad in your life love sports? Does he cheer for the winning touchdown? Is he constantly trying to prove his basketball skills? Maybe he’s trying to keep up with your kids on the soccer field? If any of these sound like the dad in your life, here are a few gift ideas that may fit the bill.

New Sports Equipment - For dads that are into all sports, find something new that he doesn’t already play. Even if you’re not sure he’ll enjoy it, if your dad likes all sports, he’ll be thrilled to learn the art of a new game. 

Upgraded or Limited Edition Sports Equipment - If your dad is particular about his sports, search for something unique he can add to his current collection. Whether it’s the latest golf club, a team jersey he’s been eyeing, or a new basketball hoop for the driveway, he’ll appreciate an upgrade to his current equipment or something to challenge his skills. 

Tickets to a Game - Another super gift idea for a sports fan father is tickets to an actual sporting event! Whether you live near a stadium or you make a road trip out of it, attending a game as a family would be a Father’s Day gift he’d long remember. If you live some distance away, you could really surprise him by making a trip there and treating him to a hometown game, whether it's to see a pro team or the local favorite.

Gifts for the Musician 

For dads who can’t stop singing, dancing, rocking out to air guitars, or playing old records, a musical gift is a must-explore option. 

A Shiny New Instrument - Whether he has a variety of instruments already or not, a new one makes a  wonderful gift. You can stick to the same class of instrument or introduce him to something new. A musician loves a challenge! If your dad has a particular fondness for an instrument he already owns, your gift can be a trip to the music shop to have it tuned, cleaned, new strings added - whatever it may need. 

Speaking of strings, if your dad is a stringed instrument player, he’ll really appreciate a nail hardener. Guitar and banjo players typically need to grow their nails out to play the instrument well and if those nails are weak, they break. What a hassle!  Add this Strong Botanical Nail Strengthener to your Father’s Day gift. He will be thrilled with his healthy, strong nails that enhance his playing!

Sound Equipment - If your dad is a session musician upgrade his sound equipment. Or, if he doesn’t play an instrument but enjoys listening to music, purchase a new sound system for him or upgrade his current system. Bluetooth speakers that can be installed throughout the house make an awesome gift set. Here are a few options from Best Buy. Another gift idea? A turntable and a set of his favorite records.

Create a Playlist - A great gift does not have to cost a fortune. Create a playlist for your dad that combines music he enjoys with music he may not have heard yet that he would like. Add in old favorites that he hasn’t heard in a long time and throw in some new stuff that follows the same rhythm. This would something special that he could hold onto forever and every time he plays it he’d think of you! 

Gift Ideas for Dads With Tools

If your dad is a handyman or a woodworker, what would he love more than a new tool? At first glance around his garage or workshop, it might seem like he already owns every tool known to man, but there is always one he has his eye on. You can count on it. 

New Tools - There is a new-fangled, time-saving tool for practically any home improvement project on the list. After performing some stealth research in his garage or among his friends,  check out this gift guide from Stanley. You may find just the tool that’s missing from your dad's workspace. 

Storage - Dads always need more storage. Give a man a toolbox, he’ll fill it in minutes. Give a man a shed, he’ll have it organized in a matter of days. 

If your dad is in need of a toolbox, there are a variety of sizes available. Smaller ones like these on Amazon are easy to carry and perfect for a handyman dad who all of the neighbors call when something goes wrong. If he needs something larger, check out these tool chests on Amazon. They’re often on wheels so they’re easy to move around in the garage or shed and they are designed with many compartments for organized storage. Thinking even bigger? Consider getting your dad a shed. Check out these options from Home Depot. If he does have room to add a shed in his yard, this will be a very memorable gift.

If your dad is constantly working with tools or discovering new woodworking projects, it’d be helpful to include a nail strengthener or moisturizing oil with this Father’s Day gift. He may not want to admit it, but woodworking leads to a lot of broken nails and dry, cracked skin. This nail strengthener from Nail Magic is super easy to apply. Plus, the Thai Essence hand & cuticle oil will help his skin and nails feel like new after just one use. 

Take Dad Out for Father’s Day

Another very special  Father’s Day gift is quality time together. Take your dad to lunch, treat him to an ice cream cone, or go on a hike together. Or, join him in one of his hobbies. If he likes to play golf, go play a round with him. If your dad likes to build things, build a birdhouse together. 

No matter what you give your dad for Father’s Day or how you spend the time together, make sure to tell him how much he means to you. Remind him of what he’s taught you and how often he makes you laugh. It’s easy to lose touch as we go about our day to day lives, and Father’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to make a new and lasting memory with your dad. Grab it!

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