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Gifts for Gals Under $25

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By: Taylor Luthringer

Ladies, ‘tis the season to shop ‘til you drop. Except, the part where you actually “drop” into bed because you’re so exhausted from standing in long lines all day, rummaging through nonsensical bins of sizes and all you have enough energy left for is kicking off your shoes. 

Instead, we highly recommend getting your holiday shopping done with a bit more efficiency this year. Then, you can grab a bottle of your favorite red, wrap up the gifts for your loved ones, all while watching your favorite romantic comedy with a holiday twist. 

With an ever growing list of people that you care about, though, how are you ever going to get done with your holiday shopping so quickly? Well, to start, check out this list of gifts for your gals that are all under $25. 

Christmas Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Gifts for the Girl Boss in Your Life

  1. A 2020 productivity planner is EVERYTHING. Business Insider claims that Panda Planner is the best planner you can buy. Set your goals, recap daily and review your successes to determine what the next week holds for you! Plus, you can pencil a few ladies’ nights before you wrap it up! We know how hard it can be to find time to celebrate each other’s successes, but this planner can help do it all.

  2. This Java Black French Press Coffee Maker is perfect for the gal in your life that can juggle everything that life throws at her and also make her perfectly caffeinated cup of joe in the morning. As an extra special addition to the gift, plan a night for the two of you to go to a local ceramics class to make handcrafted mugs for the coffee press!                                         

  3. Nail Magic’s Hardener & Conditioner is the nail strengthener that every hard working woman needs. When you buy this nail hardener as a gift this holiday season, you’ll be buying a product that REALLY works to strengthen brittle nails. With the cold, dry season coming up quick, there is nothing better than instant results for the girl boss in your life that doesn’t have a minute to spare. It simply needs to be applied 2x per week for eight weeks and then 1x per week after that. She’ll begin to see incredible results in just a few coats. 

Gifts for Gals Who Need More “Me Time”

  1. Spa gifts are the way to your bestie’s heart! That doesn’t mean you should break the bank with overpriced products. Pamper your bestie with the best nail strengthener you can buy, but for a reasonable price. Nail Magic’s Hardener & Conditioner is the gift that keeps giving. With just one application, your friends will begin to have strong, healthy nails that they will so be proud to show off. Best of all, you can set up a spa day right from home with a bottle of bubbly and a couple of rom coms that you can’t help but love. Buy a nail hardener that really works this holiday season!

  2. If you’re buying for someone that has a hard time scheduling her own “me time”, get her a book that she won’t be able to resist. Take a look at this list of the most anticipated books of 2020. When something catches your eye that you know your friend won’t be able to resist, snag it. There is just something unparalleled to being inspired by the words you read from a good book. Throw in a reading light too, for the nights that she is so enthralled she can’t put it down, even late in the night.

  3. What is more inspiring for “me time” than a bath kit? Grab your bestie a bathtub tray and wrap up a few goodies to put on it. Put together a goodie bag of bath bombs, a eucalyptus plant she can hang in her bathroom, and lastly, throw in Nail Magic’s Thai Essence Cuticle Oil. After she’s done relaxing in the tub, she can hop into bed and apply the Thai Essence Cuticle Oil to her hands and nails. It will help replace lost moisture in her hands and nails to improve the health and appearance of her cuticles. 

Gifts for the Workout Wonder 

  1. Products that can keep up with a tough day at the gym are hard to find, until now. This nail strengthening polish will not only help strengthen split nails, but also add the perfect touch of shine to nails that don’t give up. Sometimes polish from the store just doesn’t cut it, but Nail Magic’s tried and trusted brand name has been improving women’s nail health since the 1960s! Grab the best nail strengthener your bestie will ever use, now!

  2. Working out everyday can also be very drying on the hands and nails. With constant hand washing it can be hard to replenish the moisture with just lotion. However, with this cuticle oil from Nail Magic, the gym goer in your life will have everyone around her in nail envy! A moisturizing blend of organic and all-natural ingredients, our cuticle oil is infused with essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass in the Thai Essence Cuticle Oil and will leave your friends hands and nails in a moisturized state of health and wellness!

  3. Give your gal pal a foam roller so she can help relieve post-workout tension and soreness! This Trigger Point GRID Mini Roller is travel-friendly so she can use it while on vacay too. Go above and beyond by scheduling a workout class to do together! Find a place the two of you have never visited before and you will probably be able to get your first class free! 

Gifts For Your Bestie

  1. Treat the all-around superhero in your life to a day of zero stress. Surprise her with a few at-home self pampering goodies. Start with the best nail strengthener around, because your bestie needs products that work! The Hardener & Conditioner made by Nail Magic will not let her nails down. Don’t forget to throw in her favorite polish as well as the Thai Essence Hand & Cuticle Oil to keep her hands and nails feeling as gorgeous as they’ll look! If you’re looking for a little something extra, find a lavender essential oil spray she can use on her pillow to help her relax and get a good night’s rest.

  2. There’s nothing quite like the gift of memories for you to reminisce on together! This leather photo album is beautiful and it’s under $25! Fill it with experiences and moments that she may have forgotten about. 

  3. Ladies night! Get all the girls together for a local favorite happy hour menu, or gather everyone up with a few favorite bottles of wine, a decadent dessert to share and a few good movies. Catch up, laugh, and make a new holiday tradition out of it.