HARD Hardener & Conditioner 2.5 fl. oz. w/ Free Travel Bottle


Hardener & Conditioner 2.5 fl oz (74 mL) 

Travel Bottle .25 fl oz (7.4 mL)

This unique formula has been successfully treating problem nails for more than five decades. Developed by a nail care professional in 1960, Nail Magic was one of the original nail strengtheners on the market and is still the greatest.

The Nail Magic hardener and conditioner is made with an enamel base which can be used as a base coat, as a clear enamel or as a top coat.  All of these uses are functions normally involved in personal nail care, which is important since its use requires no additional products, saving time, money and is convenient to use.  It includes ingredients that work to penetrate and adhere to the nail more effectively.  

But most importantly, THE PRODUCT WORKS!