These are real customers that have contacted us with their comments.

October 28, 2011 K. Mcdermott
"Your product is truly magic! I spent a lot of money trying products that claim to fix, dry, brittle nails. I've bought potions, lotions, polishes, cuticle oils and about anything else that claims success.  Your claim is absolutely right on! After two months my nails are long and helathy again. "

September 08, 2011 M.B
"I never liked a product so much that I wanted to write a feedback about it.  This product has helped my nails to be harder and longer. My nails would always break before reaching the length I wanted.  This product really helped me and it really works."

August 30, 2011 S. Potin
"I have tried many different nail-hardening products over the years and never found one that works-until Nail Magic. It is absolutely FABULOUS. Thank you!"

January 02, 2012 E. Webb
"Over the years I wore acrylic overlays, wraps, gel, UV, no lite, you name it I tried it.  My hands and nails were so destroyed from hairdressing.  It was a vicious cycle. You get so busy you don't have time to keep up with nail products.  When I went into the local beauty supply and asked your product was highly recommended. The saleswoman told me your company had given everyone in the store a sample.  Great marketing. can't sell what you haven't tried. That day I purchased your Nail strengthener, hardener and cuticle oil. After 4 weeks I am amazed at the nails I have. thank you"
May 27, 2012 C. Scott
"I started using Nail Magic Nail Hardener last year. I was doubtful when my mom told me how well it, but was delighted to find my nails growing stonger and stronger over the months.  My naisl actually styed long without peeling, splitting or breaking as tehy did before I started using Nail Magic."

June 01, 2012 D. Berhow
"I have been using Nail Magic (original) for awhile now and am sooo impressed. I was never able to grow my nail lut past about 1/8 inch before.  Now, they are all past my finger tips and I have to keep filing them down in order to do my keyboarding at work!"

September 14, 2012 R. Santoro
"Quite a few months ago I notified you of the problems I has with your nail polish getting very thick. I had purchased 4 bottles and they were all thick as glue. You immediately sent me out 4 new bottles to replace the other ones I bought explaining what the problem was.I was so happy with the result, I couldn't believe that your company did so much to satisfy one customer. Now today I received a new bottle of your new formula. This is one of the best companies I have ever done business with. I just had to send you a note to thank you. My whole family commented that the class treatment you show your customers is just about unheard of. Again, thanks and I will be ordering real soon."