Our History

Nail Magic was developed in 1960 by a professional manicurist, Mrs. Martha Peterson. Development required several years since she was interested in providing a product which would correct the problem nails she was encountering with her clients. She perfected the formula and she, as well as her clients, were elated with the results. The product worked so effectively that these clients requested it be made available to them for personal use between their visits to her. That was the manner in which the product was first retailed. Some months later, due to the word of mouth popularity of the product, it was placed in the cosmetic department at Meier and Frank Company department store in Portland, Oregon. 

The product began selling moderately in the beginning, as it was not advertised or promoted in any way. However, because of its effectiveness, the rate of sale accelerated rapidly, including new customers who had witnessed personally, or learned by word of mouth of the dramatic results being experienced by those using the product. Additional stores throughout the country began accepting the product, and without exception, immediate acceptance has provided sales activity beyond the fondest hopes of all concerned. 

It was while working as an assistant buyer for Meier and Frank Company in Portland, Oregon, Ron Haken discovered Nail Magic. He noticed that this one little item was continuing to sell out. Nail Magic accounted for a significant percentage of the stores entire cosmetic sales. This was accomplished without any advertising, sophisticated packaging or special offers. So, in 1976 Ron Haken bought Nail Magic and still owns it to this day.

Five decades later, Nail Magic is still selling the original Hardener & Conditioner all over the world for one simple reason: IT WORKS!

It has also grown to offer many other nail care products that all provide the same superior results as its original product so many years ago. We are now located in Redmond, Oregon and believe that dedication to great customer service is number one priority. We love to hear from our customers and continue to receive customer testimonials of how well it works.